About Foxyhare Services

An Introduction

In late 2008, the concept for Foxyhare Services was born. Although it was not until mid-summer 2009 that Foxyhare Services was launched as a company offering public web hosting services to those interested.

The reality behind our starting Foxyhare Services was that we had grown tired of looking for someone that catered to our specific needs and expectations. While we always have higher standards for services we pay for, we also discovered friends and colleagues alike shared the same feelings of disbelief in their inability to find a beneficial solution and so compiling our experiencing together, Foxyhare Services was born.

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Why to choose Foxyhare Services?

When choosing Foxyhare Services, you're guaranteeing yourself a personalized experience between Customer and Company. We don't want to consider you just another paying customer (or number) but rather a friend, a relationship in which we will work to build and strengthen together; an experience you want and can benefit from.

We take a great pride in knowing our customers consider us their friends.

We know your names and we hope you'll remembers ours when the days done. We do not swap in-and-out different outsourced companies for our customer support, nor will you see in-and-out names as support consultants come and go. We spend a lot of time hand picking who we choose to represent Foxyhare Services and for the level of friendliness and comfort they bring to those interacting with and around them.

We have one simple goal; make your experience the best experience possible!

We listen to our customers and hope they'll work with us to always improve on who we are and what we can offer. Through your feedback and customer responses, we can better the environment and experience for everyone - but we will let you decide that for yourselves and with no risks. Subscribe with comfort, knowing we offer 45 Days of Money Back Guarantee - no questions! So take a leap of faith and see for yourselves (or read our Client Testimonials to see what others are saying about our services!).

Who is Foxyhare Services?

We are a family driven business that is based small town from northern British Columbia, while the facilities (data center) housing our servers are located in Dallas, Texas and Seattle, Washington. Starting out like most would, we were a small Reseller company that eventually grew large enough for it's first Virtual Server and then onwards to Dedicated solutions; now operating on a much larger platform to accommodate our [since then] growth.

Meet our Founder → Bryce Wisekal

Shared below, is a few words from Foxyhare Services owner, Bryce Wisekal:


First and foremost, thank you for choosing to explore [and use!] Foxyhare Services. What an honour it is that you've taken trust and interests in our services.

Many of you may already know me - or will soon get to know me - as I take great enjoyment from being involved in our customer activities. Like opening support tickets, you'll often see my name. Though our support team is fully capable of helping you and they do quite often, I personally enjoy the opportunities I get in meeting my clients worldwide, as well their feedback, advice and suggestions to improve and better our client experience and future as a whole.


Knowing first hand what it's like to be treated like a valued customer, I want my customers to walk away with the same feeling of completeness and satisfaction.

Foxyhare Services has come a long way since it's opening day. Now servicing more than 500+ customers between servers, with over 800 registered domains, Foxyhare Services has grown and is continuing to grow, thanks to customer support and word-of-mouth recommendations that you all so kindly do. With you, Foxyhare Services does not exist - for that, thank you!

I encourage and welcome any one of you to reach out and ask for me should you wish to speak. Just open a ticket by contacting us and if someone else answers and you'd prefer me (and don't mind waiting) they will happily re-assign and push the inquiry to my attention. So feel more than welcome, even to say hello, or provide feedback, or ask questions, I'm always available. My door will never be closed to a client who wants to chat. You are after-all, everything Foxyhare Services stands for.

With respect,
Bryce Wisekal [March 11th, 2014]